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We all know that nowadays it’s all too easy to keep up to date with your favourite American sports team’s scores. All it takes is a fully charged phone and internet connection. There are a lot of free and easy to use applications out which can keep you updated on the latest sports news from the US of A, but which ones are the best to use you ask?

Well luckily for you, we’ll be discussing the top ten American sports apps currently available. Don’t just sit around waiting for the rugby league to start back up, pick a team and get ready for some great NBA, NFL, NHL, or MLB showdowns!


ESPN App Android


The ESPN app, formerly known as Sports Center, provides up to date sporting news and information for a variety of sports. It has everything from game schedules, news and updates on various teams and leagues, as well as some reliable professional analysis and statistics. You can also customize and filter the news you are receiving by editing in your list of favourite teams from a range of different sporting codes – Available for Android & iTunes.



yahoo sports appYahoo Sports

Formerly known as Sportacular, Yahoo Sports is designed to sync across the website and mobile apps. This application features extensively detailed player, team and game statistics as well as a customizable notification features. You can get alerts for preferred team game starts, scoring plays, etc. Available on Android & iTunes.




CBS sports android

CBS Sports

CBS Sports provides personalized score updates, stats, news and analysis based on your own personal list of favourite sports teams. On top of that, it also enables its users to watch various shows, such as the NCAA Basketball and the PGA Tour. Access to on-demand video of game highlights, expert analysis and other original video programs are some of its other interesting features. Plus, if you are too busy with tasks or if watching simply isn’t an option, you can listen to the live broadcast of CBS Sports Radio – Available on Android & iTunes.



theScore app


Aside from delivering game updates, statistics and sports news, one notable key feature of theScore is its event calendar which allows its users to check for upcoming games in an easy to view mode. In the calendar view it also offers important statistics as well as the latest scores. This application also allows its users to follow teams and individual players. Handy for all you fantasy players out there. Available on Android & iTunes.




teamstream appTeam Stream by Bleacher Report

As the name implies, the application gives detailed information on your favorite teams. Upon setting your list of favorite teams, the app will then send notifications on scores, stories, pictures, and videos of the teams that you have chosen. Android & iTunes.





SportsManias is an application which doesn’t bombard your phone with news about all teams and sporting events. Instead, it filters the news and data based on your preferences. It sends only the news and information that is directly related to your personal list of teams, players, or leagues. It is similar to some of the other offerings but the UX on this is good enough to make the list – Available on iTunes.




nba app

NBA Game Time

If you aren’t much of a fan of any other sports and are more of a basketball focused user, then this application is for you. The NBA Game Time provides game recap videos, team rosters, statistics and an abundance of other game news. You can also customize your preferences in order to get the news that you really want to be updated on – Available on Android & iTunes.



nfl mobile android logoNFL Mobile

Now, if you’re more of a football fan, then this app has got your back. It’ll provide updates, news and post-game video highlights and of course live scores – Available on Android & iTunes.





NHL app Android At Bat

For all you baseball fans out there, don’t worry! There is an application for you too! The official At Bat is the number one source for all the news about Major League Baseball. Users can get up-to-the minute news, stats, standings and rosters. You can also enjoy some videos and selected analysis – Available on Android & iTunes.




NHL Official

Hockey more your thing? Then jump onto NHL Official. Absolutely everything you could ask for to do with the NHL. Live scores, stats, team news as well as in-game and post-game video highlights and full live audio for every game. As with most of these apps you can personalize your feed based on your team – Available on Android    & iTunes.

With all of these apps available, you’ll never miss out on getting the latest update on your favourite teams!

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