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The kitchen continues to be one of the most important rooms in the home, no matter the architectural design. It helps bring out ones personality and adds elegance and soul to your family abode. 2015 has been one of the most revolutionary years for professional kitchen interior designers. Here are some of the top design trends that have attracted massive popularity all across the globe.


Open Shelving Design


This trend reigned supreme in 2015 due to the functionality that it provided to kitchen spaces. It created a warm and elegant feeling by personalising the kitchen as per the specifications of the client. Unlike other traditional designs, it did not compromise the kitchen’s level of functionality and use.

designer furniture and open shelving


Furniture Style Design


This one cements the fact that a kitchen should be a treasured space that the entire family enjoys spending time in, be it preparing meals or socializing. It’s different from other 2014 designs as it redefined and debunked the myth that the kitchen should just be a functional room for storing and preparing meals. Some of its major features are beautiful furniture cabinetry, elegant designer lighting, and modern workstations that can be tailor-made to suit virtually any design.

modern classic kitchen look

Rest assured that this design would bring a personal, welcoming, and warm personality to the space. We found many interior designers capitalizing on the furniture layout by adding in unique furniture designs to break the mould. Replica designer stools filled the breakfast bar while some famous replica dining table designs also made an appearance for added flair.


Mix of Modern and Traditional Style


As the heading suggests, this is a combination of traditional and modern kitchen styles. Most homeowners this year have been opting for kitchen designs that are warm, homey and personalized shunning ultra-sleek and expensive contemporary designs. For instance, flat panel cabinet doors were been replaced with classic doors and stainless steel and marble were blended with wooden materials for a softer finish. Stainless steel was still present in these designs but was hidden from view with inbuilt stainless steel shelving in wet areas and premium stainless steel sinks providing functionality opposed to styling.


rough textures kitchen

Touch Me Textures


This is perfect choice for homeowners who want to have a stylish and elegant kitchen. Some of the attributes that set it apart from other 2015 kitchen designs are rough granite and natural marble finishes as well as engineered stones that resemble raw finishes. This trend is expected to be very popular in 2016 as more designs move towards using tactile and textured materials. Another benefit of this style is the cost. With recycled materials becoming more prevalent in kitchen design, it’s even more affordable to achieve this textured look at a fraction of the cost.




styled ceiling kitchen

Wallpaper Kitchen Design

This is a design that entails covering the kitchen walls with vibrant wallpapers that add special character and interest to the room. One of the benefits of using wallpaper is that they add visual impact easily in virtually any room and give homeowners the ability to take full control of the architectural elements. In addition, they help to add a beautiful contrast to an otherwise mundane colour palette.


Attention Grabbing Ceilings


In the last quarter of 2015, the number of kitchen designers who have invested time and money to come up with exceptional ceilings that literally lure one to look up has increased. For a long time, designers had been concentrating too much on other kitchen accessories. Coffer ceilings, bulkheads, and classic embellishments combined with beautiful LED lighting are some of the accessories that designers have been using to make ceilings pop-up.


matt open plan kitchenFewer Wall Cabinets


This is a perfect design for anyone wants to have a kitchen that is airy and open. The open plan kitchen design that has taken precedent this year with many designers retiring as many wall cabinets as possible. The size of the kitchen and amount of storage space required determined the number of cabinets to be installed of course, but less is more in this design.


Elegant Black Design


Go against the grain and have a kitchen design with black accessories. There are homeowners who choose to make their culinary zone unique and elegant by choosing black as the dominant colour. One of the guaranteed ways of doing this in 2016 is by investing in black countertops and cabinetry. There is no shortage of designer countertops in the market, so, finding the right one will not be a problem. This is a bold move and one we would only recommend to the clean freaks out there as this style does tend to highlight the mess.

black luxury kitchen

Indeed, 2015 will go down as a year when kitchen designs took a major leap towards excellence. Now, designers are working even harder to come up with new designs that will take the industry by storm in 2016. What is your prediction for the next WOW factor in kitchen design?

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