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eames replica furniture

Designer Taste, Replica Budget

A genuine designer piece of furniture costs a pretty penny. Real antique furniture is usually stored in museums, sold in auctions and antique shops or is housed in the ancestral houses of furniture historians. Sourcing original iconic designer pieces can cost as much as the furniture itself and many people are happy to pay it to own that slice of history.

If you want to own an antique piece of furniture, there are several considerations you have to keep in mind. Is it genuine? How long will it last? Does it need repair? Ans is it worth the price? You might be surprised by the astronomical prices some antique owners are asking for their valuable collections.

original designer chair

Reproduced Replica Goods

If you are on budget and have no extra cash to shell out for the real thing, there is an alternative to help you find your desired piece of furniture without visiting antique shops and taking out a second mortgage. You can purchase a replica furniture piece or a similar piece of genuine quality furniture, usually at a fraction of the price.

Reproductions of antique style furniture has been a common practice for hundreds of years. Slightly different reproductions similar to the original are so commonplace that only the trained eye can spot the originals. The reasoning other designs lend these iconic looks to their own creations isn’t because they wish to steal an iconic design, but rather their reasoning is based on preserving classic antique designs in modern furniture. If you’re looking for some good quality replica furniture in Sydney, Glicks Furniture carries a reputation as being the best in the business. They have many replica lounges, chairs, and tables alongside some original one off designer furniture pieces, all at a very reasonable price.

Benefits of Replica Furniture

Several advantages are evident when purchasing replica furniture, cost being the obvious factor for most shoppers. Manufacturers of such traditional style furniture can provide you with different ranges and specifications depending on your space, location and decor. Catalogs of the furniture designs can be provided by the manufacturers to the buyers reducing time spent visiting auctions or antique shops looking for a specific size or style. This gives you the freedom to get that million dollar look in your lounge area almost instantly! You will have a well-designed replica lounge suite that conforms to the room size and proportionality of your living room as well as looking like the real deal designer version.

When buying replica furniture, you should get it from a reputable manufacturer and not from a wholesaler or factory owner who simply seeks goods from different sources without polishing their products. By doing so, you can rest assured that you are getting value for money. Be a wise spender by choosing the most affordable with the best quality materials, features, and design.

Well-Crafted Replicas

replica antique furniture

With today’s modern technology, reproductions of an antique piece of furniture can often surpass the build quality of the original. Sturdy materials combined with traditional cabinet-making and polishing skills as taught by our predecessors ensures the finished products are more tolerant to heat or humidity compared to original antiques (a plus if you live in somewhere like Cairns!)

The modern-day antique reproduction techniques have become so widely popular in recent years they are used by all good furniture manufacturers. These factories have the capacity to produce more replicas than ever before so that the designs of the early furniture will continue to be known for generations to come. Such pieces of creations are called by some as the antiques of the future, which is true if its build quality is high.

Designer Furniture Style on a Budget

For those of you wanting a designer piece of furniture but can’t justify spending such a large sum, a reproduction or a similarly styled piece is the solution. Search for reputable manufacturers who create in-house products and offer custom-built services so you can get your next iconic piece tailor made to fit your space.

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