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If you are looking for a classy home with a feeling of elegance to it, then you should consider adding a few rugs.  As simple as it may sound or look, you need to be very careful when using these floor coverings if you really want to pull off a fantastic look. There are a few mistakes that many homeowners make while using rugs and you should avoid them. Here are some of the common rug mistakes to avoid:

Rug Mistakes Homeowners Make

    Choosing a Small Rug

Wrong Rug SizePurchasing small rugs is a leading mistake that many homeowners tend to make. Before selecting, you should be sure of the size of your bed, chairs, table and sofa amongst any large other items on the floor. For example, in a living room where you usually have events and conversation, a rug should be large enough to ensure that all front legs of any furniture are on it. According to interior designers, you should step on a rug whenever you wake up. This means that it should not be the size of your bed but should be larger. It should at least have an extension of two feet on each side.

    Avoid Layering

Layering is another mistake people tend to commit. This is as a result of purchasing a too-small rug. Always avoid buying rugs without knowing the right size of where you want to place it. There are people that cover their rugs with other rugs to attempt to make them avoid dirt from kids or pets. Layering makes your home look unkempt and unattractive. For homes with children, you can purchase a natural jute rug, which is easy to clean when it comes to dirt from kids or pets.

    Choosing the Rug Last

If you want your home to look superb, you can start by purchasing a rug of your choice. A nice rug for your kitchen or any room in your home will drive you in selecting the type and design of furniture you desire. For example, when you place a well-patterned rug in your bedroom, you will find that even your window curtains will almost look the same. Don’t wait until you have put furniture in your home or furniture in your patio to search for a rug. You might not get a rug that matches your room design if you wait until the end, so always find a rug first.

    Being Afraid Of Pattern

Rugs with PatternMost people tend to think that decorating a room in one colour or tone will make it beautiful. According to panel experts, having contrasting colours will create a happier space for you. Don’t have brown walls, a brown couch, and a brown rug. This will make your home look flat and bland. Consult an interior designer if you’re having trouble finding the right choice of pattern or tone that your room will suit. Be creative and innovative and make your home look like a paradise.

    Skipping a Rug Pad

One of the other things to think about before buying a rug is rug pad. Rug pads are vital in a home with rugs. Rug pads are known to dispel sliding and slipping. They make your underfoot maintain comfort, especially if you have a flat weave rug. Never use rug tape in your home, as it will ruin your hardwood due to its stickiness. You can contact your interior designer to ensure you purchase the right rug pad for your rug.


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